Earn Money Teaching Others about Kinesiology & Muscle Testing

There are literally millions of people out there who can benefit from this. Ask around to see who has headaches? Back pain? body aches? Digestive problems? Emotional issues? Allergies? While there are no guarantees, we have seen people use the techniques in the DVDs have these problems resolve. Plus, it’s a lot of fun and people are always amazed at the things that happen in a seminar.

It’s can be Easy to get paid to run a seminar. You don’t have to have learned it. You are the Logistics Supervisor. Plus; we do not charge any royalties!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find a venue. This is the toughest part, because ideally you want it for free (like your own home). Try churches, schools, library, city council, Chamber of Commerce, Health food store, ask friends for a lead. The cheaper the venue, the less you have to charge per person.

  2. Tell as many people as you can, in as many ways as you can (Note: Do not make any guarantees. We don’t cure. We just balance energies). Some ideas are listed below.

  3. Emphasize that this will be fun!

  4. Put up a TV, preferably large screen.

  5. Insert Disk #1 and do what it says. See the timetable below. Your main job is to keep things moving so that people stick to the timetable more or less (if not, you are going to have a late night).

Optional to improve the seminar:

  1. Get a massage table. Ebay has beautiful ones for around $100.

  2. Tell people to bring their own massage table.


I suggest two ways of running the seminar. One is every Saturday for 4 weeks. You could charge around $49/day – more if you have to pay for a venue.

The other is every Tuesday night at 6.30pm, until it’s finished. 

Originally I made up a timetable showing how to complete the program in 3 days. That can still be done by people who are used to doing bodywork.

However, one lady who got paid to run seminars said that with total beginners you need more time to do the exercises. Also, people like to talk! One thing that people love about seminars is having fun and being connecting with real people properly, not on the internet. They also love to relate to  people who are interested in important subjects outside the mainstream, such as health and consciousness, the way that Synergistic Kinesiology does.

Here is a suggestion for completing the seminar in 4 days:

 Disk Video Watching Time (minutes) Time for Physical Exercises (minutes) Total Class Time Start Time End Time
 DAY 1
 1 71 49 2 hours 9.00 am 11.00 (+ 10 min break)
2 74  71 2 hours, 25 min 11.10 12.35 pm-break for lunch
LUNCH  1 hour 12.35 1.35
(continue #2)  1.35 2.35 (+ 10 min break)
3 69 126 3 hours, 15 min 2.45 4.45: 10 min break
(continue #3) 4.45 6.10
4 60 170 3 hours, 50 min 9.00 10.50: 10 min break
(continue #4) 11.00 1.00
LUNCH 1 hour 1.00 2.00
 5  72 88 2 hours, 40 min 2.00 4.40 (+10 min break)
6 39 71 1 hour, 50 min 4.50 6.40
7 27 58 1 HOUR, 25 MIN 9.00 10.25 (+15 min break)
8 47 58 1 hour, 45 min 10.40 12.25
LUNCH 1 hour, 5 min 12.25 1.30
 9 23 87 1 hour, 50 min 1.30 3.20 (+15 min break)
10 35 80 1 hour, 55 min 3.35 5.30
11 48 117 2 hour, 45 min 9.00  11.45 (including a break)
 LUNCH 11.45 1.00 (1 hour, 15 min)
12 1 hour, 47 min 3 hours, 3 mins 4 hours, 50 mins 1.00  2.40: 10 min break
(continue #12) 2.50 4.20: 10 min break
4.30 6.10



#1: Muscle Testing & Corrections

  • Introduction
  • Stephanie Relfe’s Story
  • How to Muscle Test Accurately
  • How to Correct an Unlocking Muscle
  • Neuro-Lymphatic Points
  • Neuro-Vascular Points
  • Points Example – Supraspinatus
  • Meridians

#2: The Essential Pretests

  • Origin & Insertion Techniques
  • History of Kinesiology
  • Healing Crisis
  • Pretest: Anterior Deltoid & Supraspinatus
  • Pretest: Central Meridian
  • Pretest: Dehydration
  • Pretest: Switching
  • Pretest: Blocking

#3: Fourteen Muscle & Fourteen Organ Balance – Part 1

  • Body Clock & Meridian Massage
  • Supraspinatus – Central Meridian
  • Teres Major – Governing Meridian
  • Pectoralis Major Clavicular – Stomach Meridian
  • Latissimus Dorsi – Spleen Meridian
  • Subscapularus – Heart Meridian
  • Quadriceps – Small Intestine Meridian
  • Peroneus – Bladder Meridian

#4:Fourteen Muscle & Fourteen Organ Balance – Part 2

  • Psoas – Kidney Meridian
  • Gluteus Medius – Circulation Sex Meridian
  • Teres Minor – Triple Warmer Meridian
  • Anterior Deltoid – Gall Bladder Meridian
  • Pectoralis Major Sternal – Liver Meridian
  • Anterior Serratus – Lung Meridian
  • Fascia Lata – Large Intestine Meridian
  • Over Energy Condition

#5: Communication & Emotional Stress Release

  • Stresses that cause a body to go out of balance
  • The Two Models For Health
  • The Triad of Health
  • The Diamond of Health
  • Clearing Emotions
  • Unknown Aspects of Communication
  • How to remove the stress of a past Incident
  • Emotional Stress Release (ESR)

#6: The Essential Applied Kinesiology Centering Corrections: Related to the Central nervous system. Part 1

  • 1. Hyoid Test & Correction (bones in the throat)
  • 2. Anterior Gaits Test & Correction (related to walking)
  • 3. Lateral Gaits Test & Correction
  • 4. Posterior Gaits Test & Correction
  • 5. Contra-Lateral Gaits Test & Correction

#7:Applied Kinesiology Centering Corrections, Part 2

  • 1. Cloacals General Test
  • 2. Anterior Cloacals Test
  • 3. Anterior Cloacals Correction
  • 4. Posterior Cloacals Test
  • 5. Posterior Cloacals Correction

#8: Applied Kinesiology Ileocecal Valve and Houston Folds (of the intestines)

  • The Ileocecal Valve
  • The Houston Folds
  • Valve & Folds – Stuck Open or Stuck Closed
  • The Ileocecal Valve Test & Correction
  • The Houston Folds Test & Correction

#9: Major Back Muscles

  • Back Pain: The 3 Most Important Muscles
  • Quadratus Lumborum – Test
  • Quadratus Lumborum – Correction
  • Sacrospinalis – Test
  • Sacrospinalis – Correction
  • Piriformis – Test
  • Piriformis – Correction

#10: Muscle Testing Food

  • Food – Strengthening, Neutral or Weakening
  • How to Test if a Food is Negative
  • How to Test if a Food is Positive
  • Emotional Attachment
  • Indicator Change
  • How Long to Give Up a Particular Food
  • Testing Which Brand to Buy
  • Testing Substances Which Are Not Eaten

#11: The Wernicke’s Correction

Worth Millions! Instantly remove self-sabotage commands in your brain that are holding you back and keeping you from accomplishing your goals and dreams. Never before taught outside Australia.

#12: Identifying the Cause of Problems with Accurate Muscle Testing

  • Talking to the body
  • Finger modes
  • Emotional Causes
  • Electrical Causes
  • Nutritional & Chemical Causes
  • Physical Causes
  • Candida Correction
  • Protecting Your Energy


Stick to this timetable, and then if someone misses one day, they can catch up that day when you run the seminar another time.



  • See what one enterprising woman, Kyra in California,  did: http://www.americankinesiology.com/

    Kyra started off at www.Meetup.com offering free introductory evenings, followed by paying classes. From there she has taken off. Kyra later sent me this feedback (Note: The sentences she is referring to is for the Wernicke’s Correction, Disk #11):

    “I am finding that private classes are fantastic — we both learn so much more that way.  The latest woman (our 3rd class is this Sunday) is so tuned in that we finish each other’s sentences, so this whole experience has been really fabulous for me.  I am learning slowly (no longer making food, which was too much effort and a distraction from my agenda of learning) — and I will just keep repeating until I feel solid.

  • Have a party! Make it fun! Invite people to after-dinner snacks and sparkling apple juice, and to see a video about natural health. Send out a physical invitation, asking for RSVP. (It would be a good idea to mention that this is not a multi level marketing promotion. No one will be asked to join anything).

    After people have eaten and talked a bit, have them all watch the first DVD, and do the exercises. Make sure that everyone tests everyone present. Then ask who would like to come once every week, say 7pm Tuesday, to do the rest. Or better yet, all of Saturday or Sunday.

  • Ask the people you know if any of them have any back pain, headaches, digestive problems, allergies or negative emotions they would like to get rid of. Include teenagers in your search.

  • Look up subjects like “massage therapy”, “naturopath, “holistic health”, “wholistic health”, “reiki”, “colon therapy” for your area. Many of these people will be keen to learn with you. Look on the internet, in the phone book and ask at health food stores. Look for free magazines at the health food store, and see the ads in them.

    Go in, in person with the box of the Perfect Health System, since it is very impressive. Ask them if they would like to do this with you. These people have the time, location and motivation to do this, as it will help them get more clients, and improve their own health.

  • Either you or the people at the healing (or other center) can advertise the training and charge money for it if you like! We don’t ask for any royalties! The more people you can learn with, the better. If you charge people to see the DVDs as a seminar, you would be the Facilitator of the seminar (not the teacher).

  • Ask your local health food stores if you could post a notice looking for a partner. Also try libraries, schools, colleges, churches and chambers of commerce. If you email us, we can send you some fliers, although you will still have to add one of your own.

  • NOTE: If you are going to work with strangers in your own home, make sure you are safe: don’t run this with only one member of the opposite sex.


Try health food stores, healing centers, libraries, schools, colleges, churches, city council and Chambers of Commerce.


In addition to benefiting by healing yourself, making money running seminars, having fun, and helping others, you can make extra money selling the DVD package. Please contact us for pricing and information on offering systems on consignment.