Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, or just want to talk about kinesiology, I am very happy to talk with you on the phone, because I love kinesiology so much! Even if you are outside the USA. Please email me your phone number and time zone, or leave a message. Sincerely, Stephanie Relfe.

1) What comes with the package?

• 12 high quality DVDs of 11.2 hours duration, teaching applied kinesiology & specialized kinesiology.

• A full color, hardback, training manual. 267 pages, 11″ x 8 1/4″.

• A full color, hardback, practitioner manual, with a summary of the major corrections. 65 pages, 11″x8″

• Two laminated lists for muscle testing.

• Plastic DVD display holder.

• Optional certification.

Full details of the contents of each DVD are given on this website (please scroll down).

2) May I offer this to other people in my area and charge them?

By all means, please do!!! We ask for no royalties. You could charge them a nightly entrance fee (say $5-$10) for DVD rental.

You may be able to get the use of a room free of charge from a health food store, library, school or church. Make sure you invite those people to attend your trainings. The more people who are present to work on, and help each other, and with different imbalances, the better.

One suggestion is having one free introductory evening, followed by 3 one-day seminars on Saturdays, each for $49 each. The safest way to do this is through, so you have the person’s details.

3) Do I need previous training to learn from this?

No, this course was designed to take people who know nothing about kinesiology to become proficient at muscle testing and balancing the body for maximum healing, as well as to provide vital information to highly trained professional kinesiologists.

4) Will I learn how to do muscle testing on myself?

Yes, this is taught in the DVD. However, you will also learn why this is not recommended because it is not anywhere near as accurate has having someone else do it for you.

Also, doing kinesiology corrections on yourself, rather than just muscle testing, is very, very ineffective.

5) I have already done a course in kinesiology. Will there be a lot of stuff that I have already learned?

This course was designed to take people who know nothing about kinesiology to become proficient at muscle testing and balancing the body for maximum healing, as well as to provide vital information to highly trained professional kinesiologists.

There will be some repetition of what you have learned. However, there is a lot of material that is very powerful and is not available anywhere else. This includes the cloacals correction, the wernicke’s correction and how to identify the cause of a particular problem.

If you have done Touch for Health Training, please email us.

6) Do I receive a certificate if I buy the DVDs?

Yes, if you qualify and agree to the Synergistic Kinesiology Code of Ethics. To quality, after you have learned the DVDs and manuals, please tell us that are ready to complete the test and we will email you details. Once you have achieved marks of 70% or higher, you may purchase the certificate from the shopping cart. Then a beautiful, high-quality certificate stating that you have completed 40 hours of ongoing professional development in Synergistic Kinesiology will be mailed to you. If you don’t pass, you may take the test again a week later, again for free.

7) Can I ask questions?

If you have any questions, please contact us. 

8) What is your refund policy?

You may return the DVD package or manuals package for a full refund within 60 days of shipment if you are not completely satisfied, less the original cost of shipping to you. Please email us first. No items may be returned more than 60 days after the date of shipping. You may cancel your order prior to shipment without penalty.

9) Does the DVD help for emotional and “soul”-related issues?

Absolutely it does. Negative unconcious thoughts and emotions are explained in detail, along with ways to identify and remove them, in three different DVDs.

Plus, you will learn that when the body is way out of balance, one will feel much more subject to negative emotions. This is especially the case if one’s Centering systems are out of balance.

One of the DVDs teaches how to remove negative, subconscious commands from the right side of the brain. DVD #12 is particularly exciting. You will learn how to get someone to think of an issue, which will likely cause a muscle to go weak (unlock). You then ‘lock in’ the problem, and you use finger modes, plus other muscle testing, to identify where that problem is coming from. Is the cause physical, chemical/ nutritional, electrical or emotional? It is surprising how often emotional problems have things that are not emotional as the cause.

If it’s emotional, there is a list to identify which exact emotion, and you learn how to identify what time the cause came from – present time? Previous to present time? Before conception? Etc. And other things you need to know. Then you will learn a way to remove the emotional stress from the body. There is more but I hope this gives some idea. Once you identify the cause of a problem, if the cause is handled, the problem should go away. Which indicates that that really was the cause.

10) I am currently taking drugs. Does that interfere with muscle testing?

Yes. Although sometimes you can work through it. It’s better to do some kinesiology than no kinesiology, if you can, even if the person is taking drugs. I recommend that people wait until they are at least two weeks away from taking any drugs, before being muscle tested. Vitamins do not count as drugs. Obviously, we cannot say when you will come off your drugs. Please see your doctor.

11) I am currently doing another therapy (such as acupuncture). Does that interfere with muscle testing?

Yes. Your body will be going through changes as a result of the therapy you are doing. And will go through changes after being worked on as is taught in the DVD. Wait until you are at least two weeks either side of doing another therapy before being receiving muscle testing or kinesiology corrections.

12) Do you have any experience with electrohypersensitivity & kinesiology? If so what?

Yes.  I teach in the DVD how my own research with my clients show that many people’s symptoms are from a number of different electromagnetic devices (cars, computers, planes, etc.) I teach a correction exactly for that in the DVD series.  I personally used to get wiped out by just one hour on the computer.  After doing a correction which you will learn in the DVD series, I felt great at the end of a whole day on the computer.  Muscle testing verified that this correction (called “balancing out”) increased my stress level around computers from one to eight hours.  But, like all corrections, this correction must not be done on it’s own.  It is important that your Centering systems and main 14 muscles and organs are also in balance to get the full effect.

13) I am having trouble with money right now. What do you suggest?

Order the DVD with the monthly payment plan. Then don’t do the DVDs in the normal order. As soon as possible, watch disks #1, #2, #5 and #11 – the Wernicke’s correction.

Correct every subconscious command you can find against money and wealth creation. Then go back to do the disks you missed.

14) I own a Health Food Store / Healing Center. Do you offer sets on consignment?

Yes, we have a limited number that we offer on consignment within the USA. The attractive box containing the system was designed with displaying in a store in mind. The box is sealed. Please email us for details.

15) What countries have you sent DVD sets to?

29 Countries!








Hong Kong












Netherlands Antilles

New Zealand



Puerto Rico


South Africa


United Kingdom

United Arab Emirates

United States of America

16) Do I need a partner to do this?

Yes, you will need a partner to do this course. Your partner should learn it as well as you – so that they can work on you later. You need purchase only one set of DVDs.

If your partner does not wish to purchase the DVD series for themselves, but does wish to have a set of manuals for themselves, we offer a package with both color manuals, laminated lists and other printed material. In addition, this package comes with a license to copy one sent of DVDs.

The more people who learn the course with you, the more you learn.

And you will benefit and learn from receiving, as well as giving, balances.

I have suggested to spouses that they tell their spouse that what they would like for Christmas/birthday is for their spouse to do the training with them.

17) I do not think that I have anyone to work with. What should I do?

There is bound to be someone close to you who would love to do this DVD training with you. Pray to God to send you someone.

Kyra started off at offering free introductory evenings, followed by paying classes. From there she has taken off. Kyra later sent me this feedback (Note: The sentences she is referring to is for the Wernicke’s Correction, Disk #11):

“I am finding that private classes are fantastic — we both learn so much more that way.  The latest woman (our 3rd class is this Sunday) is so tuned in that we finish each other’s sentences, so this whole experience has been really fabulous for me.  I am learning slowly (no longer making food, which was too much effort and a distraction from my agenda of learning) — and I will just keep repeating until I feel solid.

  • Have a party! Make it fun! Invite people to after-dinner snacks and sparkling apple juice, and to see a video about natural health. Send out a physical invitation, asking for RSVP. (It would be a good idea to mention that this is not a multi level marketing promotion. No one will be asked to join anything). After people have eaten and talked a bit, have them all watch the first DVD, and do the exercises. Make sure that everyone tests everyone present. Then ask who would like to come once every week, say 7pm Tuesday, to do the rest. Or better yet, all of Saturday or Sunday.

  • Ask the people you know if any of them have any back pain, headahces, digestive problems, or negative emotions they would like to get rid of. Include teenagers in your search. 
  • Look up subjects like “massage therapy”, “naturopath, “holistic health”, “wholistic health”, “reiki”, “colon therapy” for your area. Many of these people will be keen to learn with you. Look on the internet, in the phone book and ask at health food stores. Look for free magazines at the health food store, and see the ads in them. Go in, in person with the box of the Perfect Health System, since it is very impressive. Ask them if they would like to do this with you. These people have the time, location and motivation to do this, as it will help them get more clients, and improve their own health.

  • Go to and put in your location and search on words like “natural health”. Suggestion: Have a free introductory night, followed by 3 one-day seminars, for $49 each. Run them on Saturdays. (Note: If people go overtime you can run late into the evenings, or it may be take 4 days.)

  • Look at your local health food store for publications which advertise local healers, and ask them if they would like to learn this with you. Visit them in person, and take the DVDs and manuals (and the box if you still have it) with you, so that they can see the high quality of this training set. They should love to learn this with you. The best kind of people to ask would probably be massage therapists (as they already have a massage table) and naturopaths. Take the DVD set and visit them in person.
  • Either you or the people at the healing (or other center) can advertise the training and charge money for it if you like! We don’t ask for any royalties! The more people you can learn with, the better. If you charge people to see the DVDs as a seminar, you would be the Facilitator of the seminar (not the teacher).
  • Ask your local health food stores if you could post a notice looking for a partner. Also try libraries, schools, colleges, churches and chambers of commerce. If you email us, we can send you some fliers, although you will still have to add one of your own. You could say something like on your flier:

“Do you have pain or health or emotional problems you would like to remove?

I have an excellent DVD Training “Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing”, and am looking for people who would like to learn with me for FREE. Space is limited to ___ individuals. Only people who are not taking drugs or doing any other therapy should apply. Time: (Suggestion): 7pm – 9pm every Tuesday evening, for 12 evenings.

More Information at:,,”

  • NOTE: If you are going to work with strangers, you must find a public place to meet first, and preferably to do the learning as well. Again, try health food stores, healing centers, libraries, schools, colleges, churches and Chambers of Commerce.
  • If all else fails: Find a massage therapist or naturopath, and offer to pay them $100 to learn it with you.

18) What is the most important of the disks to learn?

Probably the last one, #12. But you need to have learned the rest of the set before you can do this one. It is #12 that helped me to create real and lasting miracles with people, for this reason: There may not be much point in balancing a person, if the balance you gave them is not going to last more than a few hours or weeks after you finish with them.

About a week after you first balance a person, if they still have the same symptoms as before, it is very, very likely that they are out of balance again. This time, as you learn is #12, instead of just correcting the imbalance, you are going to locate the cause/s of why the person went out of balance. It could be from an emotional upset from the past, some chemical stress from the past, somethings they are eating or drinking, being on the computer too long … the list is endless. And it can be a combination of things.

Disk #12 will show you how to locate the cause of why they went out of balance, and what to do about it. Once the person stays in balance for an extended period of time, the body can heal itself.

If the body still doesn’t heal the symptoms, #12 tells you what to do next. For example, you can get the person to think of the problem, and if that causes their muscles to go weak (unlock), which it probably will, you then lock in the problem, and again, you will be talking to the body to find out what it needs.

This is a very, very fun technique which never gets boring, because you never know in what direction the body will take you. Instead of doing the same old corrections over and over again, you will become like a Sherlock Holmes of health – a master detective. The body will tell you things that will amaze you. Once you do what the body wants, the body can finally do what it has been trying to do all along – heal itself.

19) What have others said about the DVD?

Please see the Feedback page.

20) How quickly can I learn the whole system?

Please see my suggested three day seminar, which will be a ton of fun for you and your friends and family.

22) What does the course teach, in 100 words?

The seminar teaches how to muscle test accurately and the most important energetic balancing procedures that most people who have health or emotional problems seem to need most of the time.  Muscle testing is an art and a science which you will learn in specific detail.  You will learn not just how to muscle test, but how to ‘talk’ to the body, and to do corrections which correct energetic imbalances in the body, so that the body can heal itself.  The course includes corrections from Applied Kinesiology, Touch for Health and powerful techniques from Australia not taught before outside Australia.

23) Why is it so cheap compared to other courses?

We have had people say that we should charge $1,200 – $1500 for this course. But, we believe there is an epidemic of diseases sweeping the planet, and kinesiology is the key to reversing this trend. Therefore, we want EVERYONE to have this information.

24) Where is information on the Wernicke’s Correction.

Please click here.

25) How can I learn about Nutrition and Weight Loss?

Study and apply the information in Stephanie Relfe’s new book, You’re not fat, You’re Toxic – a diet and life style makeover manual, in addition to the DVDs and manuals. A copy of the book comes with the system.

This book could save your life. Even if you have no weight to lose, this book contains massive information on nutrition for healing all kinds of health problems.

Fat is not about calories, it’s about toxins. Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 500 pounds, here are the keys to permanent fat loss, without going hungry, even if nothing else has ever worked for you before!  Stephanie Relfe has put everything you need to know to reduce fat forever, and to be happy, healthy and energized at the same time.

This very detailed book with over 600 pages, has the exact information you need for your ideal body. It’s written in a very easy-to-understand style, so that anyone can benefit from this powerful program. Scientific explanations are put into the simplest possible terms so that anyone can easily understand what they need to know.

Instead of presenting just one field of research, Stephanie Relfe has summarized the most important information from multiple sources, including 43 well-referenced books & documentaries.

Includes additional information from modern scientific research, magazine articles and unique sources, which are combined together in one very do-able program.  Includes essential information on healing diabetes. Many case histories to inspire you.

26) What is the fastest I can learn this in?

Three days. Here is a suggested timetable:


Video Watching Time (minutes)

Add time for Physical Exercises (minutes)

Total Class time

Start time

End time

1 71 29 1 hour, 40 min 9.00 am 10.40 am
(10 min break)
2 74 36 1 hour, 50 min 10.50 12.40 pm
LUNCH 12.40 1.40 (1 hour)
3 69 66 2 hours, 15 min 1.40 3.55
(15 min break)
4 60 90 2 hours, 30 min 4.10 6.40
5 72 48 2 hours 9.00 am 11.00 (10 min break)
6 39 36 1 hour, 15 min 11.10 12.30 pm
LUNCH 12.30 2.00 (1.5 hours)
7 27 28 55 min 2.00 2.55 (15 min break)
8 47 33 1 hour, 20 min 3.10 4.30 (20 min break)
9 23 27 50 min 4.50 5.50
10 35 35 70 min 9.00 am 10.10 (10 min break)
11 48 37 85 min 10.20 11.50
LUNCH 11.50 1.30 (1 hour, 40 min)
12 1 hr, 47 min 1 hr, 43 min 3 hour, 30 min 1.30 2.40 (10 min break)
12 (cont.) 2.50 4.00 (10 min break)
12 (cont.) 4.10 5.20


#1: Muscle Testing & Corrections


Stephanie Relfe’s Story

How to Muscle Test Accurately

How to Correct an Unlocking Muscle

Neuro-Lymphatic Points

Neuro-Vascular Points

Points Example – Supraspinatus


#2: The Essential Pretests

Origin & Insertion Techniques

History of Kinesiology

Healing Crisis

Pretest: Anterior Deltoid & Supraspinatus

Pretest: Central Meridian

Pretest: Dehydration

Pretest: Switching

Pretest: Blocking

#3: Fourteen Muscle & Fourteen Organ Balance – Part 1

Body Clock & Meridian Massage

1. Supraspinatus – Central Meridian

2. Teres Major – Governing Meridian

3. Pectoralis Major Clavicular – Stomach Meridian

4. Latissimus Dorsi – Spleen Meridian

5. Subscapularus – Heart Meridian

6. Quadriceps – Small Intestine Meridian

7. Peroneus – Bladder Meridian

#4:Fourteen Muscle & Fourteen Organ Balance – Part 2

8. Psoas – Kidney Meridian

9. Gluteus Medius – Circulation Sex Meridian

10. Teres Minor – Triple Warmer Meridian

11. Anterior Deltoid – Gall Bladder Meridian

12. Pectoralis Major Sternal – Liver Meridian

13. Anterior Serratus – Lung Meridian

14. Fascia Lata – Large Intestine Meridian

Over Energy Condition

#5: Communication & Emotional Stress Release

Stresses that cause a body to go out of balance

The Two Models For Health

The Triad of Health

The Diamond of Health

Clearing Emotions

Unknown Aspects of Communication

How to remove the stress of a past Incident

Emotional Stress Release (ESR)

#6: Applied Kinesiology Centering Corrections 1

1. Hyoid Test & Correction

2. Anterior Gaits Test & Correction

3. Lateral Gaits Test & Correction

4. Posterior Gaits Test & Correction

5. Contra-Lateral Gaits Test & Correction

#7:Applied Kinesiology Centering Corrections 2

1. Cloacals General Test

2. Anterior Cloacals Test

3. Anterior Cloacals Correction

4. Posterior Cloacals Test

5. Posterior Cloacals Correction

#8: Applied Kinesiology Ileocecal Valve and Houston Folds Test & Correction

The Ileocecal Valve

The Houston Folds

Valve & Folds – Stuck Open or Stuck Closed

The Ileocecal Valve Test & Correction

The Houston Folds Test & Correction

#9: Back Muscles

Back Pain: The 3 Most Important Muscles

Quadratus Lumborum – Test

Quadratus Lumborum – Correction

Sacrospinalis – Test

Sacrospinalis – Correction

Piriformis – Test

Piriformis – Correction

#10: Muscle Testing Food

Food – Strengthening, Neutral or Weakening

How to Test if a Food is Negative

How to Test if a Food is Positive

Emotional Attachment

Indicator Change

How Long to Give Up a Particular Food

Testing Which Brand to Buy

Testing Substances Which Are Not Eaten

#11: The Wernicke’s Correction

Worth Millions! Instantly remove self-sabotage commands in your brain that are holding you back and keeping you from accomplishing your goals and dreams. Never before taught outside Australia.

#12: Identifying the Cause of Problems

Talking to the body

Finger modes

Emotional Causes

Electrical Causes

Nutritional & Chemical Causes

Physical Causes

Candida Correction

Protecting Your Energy

If you have a question, I am very, very happy to talk with you on the phone. That includes people outside the USA. Please email me your phone number and time zone, or leave a message on the voicemail.

Best regards, Stephanie Relfe







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